Outdoor Patio Furniture Ideas & Examples For Any Style or Setting

As modern society continues to operate an an increasingly rapid pace, the home and its simple comforts provide a respite from those everyday routines. More and more people are discovering the happiness that outdoor living provides and tailoring it to their individual needs. A patio can serve a variety of functions including solitude, entertainment or family hangout. Both affordable and easily achievable, a patio can transform a plain backyard into a decorative and useful space.

Personal Oasis

If not used as a public or high traffic location, a patio can be a sanctuary. Day beds or lounges can provide the possibilities of unexpected but welcome outdoor naps and also offer comfortable seating for reading. Add a few decorative throw pillows and perhaps an umbrella for shade during the sun’s strongest hours. A coffee table and end tables are a practical necessity for meals, light snacks and beverages. If room allows, consider a suspended hammock as an additional form of relaxation.

Entertainment Area

Patios are perfect for entertaining, whether an intimate group of friends or a large party. A natural extension of a house’s interior, a patio allows an ease of traffic flow and an abundance of personal space for hosts and guests. Invest in a large dining set with cushions for the chairs, ideal for a backyard barbecue or an elegant dinner.

Storage benches can serve multiple purposes as extra seating and accessory storage. A living room area with outdoor sofas, loveseats, coffee tables and end tables are especially nice for smaller groups. If entertaining during the day, set up umbrellas in strategic locations to offer guests shade.

Family Gathering

Oftentimes, families indoors tend to separate, distributing themselves to different rooms according to personal interests. An outdoor patio can encourage togetherness, with everyone in the same immediate area. Large tables are a must for family games and projects with plenty of comfortable seating. Benches are a low-cost option that are easy to move about as needed. Patio swings are ideal for reading a book together or watching nature in the backyard, while hammocks are welcome additions for children and adults.