Living with Cherry Veneer

The difference between a solid cherry wood and cherry veneer is 1/64th inch. A solid cherry wood table means that the table was made from lumber cut from a cherry tree. Cherry veneer means that the table was made from a less expensive wood and then laminated with a piece of cherry wood 1/64th inch thick. It is real cherry wood.  It is just not solid cherry.  Consider it like the difference in gold jewelry or gold plated jewelry.  They are both gold, but one contains more gold than the other. Cherry veneer is real cherry wood sliced very thinly.

Caring for cherry veneer is not much different than caring for solid cherry wood.  Dust with a soft cloth.  Be sure to wipe the dust off the table and not into the table.  When you scrub a table with a cloth, you are actually rubbing the dust into the finish instead of removing it. Start in the middle of the table top.  Place your cloth on the table.  Now pull the cloth down on the table.  Now pull it off and down at the same time.

To clean more thoroughly add 2 drops of detergent to a bowl of warm water.  Dip a lint free cloth into the water and wring it dry.  Then gently wash off any spills or stains on the table.  With a clean cloth, dry the table.

Use a good furniture polish to protect the table.  Be careful that you use a polish that will not build up wax on your table. If you prefer, you can make your own by using lemon oil. It is easy to make and smells divine.

Be sure there are plenty of coasters on your tables for guests to use. Protect the table against water spots and kids.  Yes, kids. They can really do a number on furniture.  They should be taught how to care for the furniture.  They can and should be taught that crayons and tables do not mix.

With the proper care even cherry veneer tables can last a long time.