How to paint antiquing to furniture?

Furniture in our house can be damaged during use. Image disturbances caused by cracks and bumps, and renew your furniture with paint, giving a carpenter. Also in terms of pleasure and a very stylish look, which tumbled this year and last year’s fashions or the patina of the paint can. The staining procedures, techniques of painting as a hobby, do it yourself at home.

Paint made with the aging; Whether your furniture thoroughly sanding, get off at the bottom to its original color. 2-3 color of acrylic paint is chosen according to the desire. These colors are determined by the color you want to be ahead of. For example, will be the color white in front, into the use of green and black light. All of the furniture is painted white before and after drying, a small amount of green and black color on the coat, a soft cloth or sponge over the paint dries to a soft deleted.

Stamping with paint antiquing; Make furniture with sandpaper, paint it with primer, sand again, take the second coat and allow to dry making. After completely dry, apply the main color you specify. Waiting to dry, with a chosen color gilt edges slowly toward the publication of this transaction If the selected primary color in the darks are better in her gilded.

Aging with alcohol; Diluted with water and sand make the furniture completely with the chosen color to paint with acrylic paint. After drying, the pure alcohol gently wipe with a cloth or sponge.

Ancient painting with the aging; After making your furniture a complete sanding, paint it with a color matching the color you have chosen the ancient. Let dry and sand after drying process one more time again, the same color paint. After the drying process of the ancient color with a brush, apply a little stiff. Get the excess paint with a cloth. Let dry and varnish.

Tumbled paints a very commonly used acrylic paint, antique paint and brushes you can find all the DIY stores. While these paints will be compatible with each other to select shades will create more visual enjoyment and give you a new hobby.