How to coordinate the bookcase?

After that most people will enjoy a good book, and one replaces the library shelves. Another option might be to add decoration books. There are different ways to organize the book. Interestingly, libraries, books, sort them by color, are examples of these regulations or impose the middle shelf.

Everyone has accumulated over time, depending on the type of book reading tastes may be different. Whether you want to get comic book history books, your book over the years accumulated enough to make an arrangement to like to think that an arrangement by color, shape of the book can be sorted.

Take back your books by color groups. The best way of displaying books by color, such as a library shelf will open a place to insert your books upright. After separating the books according to color, from light to dark depending on your taste right books or colorful place to look. You can try one that you like in the examples above.

Assort books is another useful method of regulation is one of the books. Cooking the books together in the kitchen after making a shelf for books, think of lightning. Other books in history, photography, fiction, Turkish writers, the classics, like your card as you place the library into categories. This is a group of your choice from the categories in the bedroom, hallway or living room to take into the room temperature in a separate showcase your library or on the console.

Children’s books, a room in a colorful and lively appearance alone can be revived. Exposing them to edit children’s books with toys is a method that both you and your child will love it.

We are talking about putting the books, but books do not have a rule that will place the order. Sometimes it may seem more decorative books stacked on top. Middle shelf or even a few great pictures dizeceğiniz dining table or on a journey to change the air of the room and the spare time will range from books and the books will be on hand.

Magazine into the bathroom with the help of those books where you can incorporate the temperature of bath. Matching the colors of the bath can help you capture the atmosphere of books, and magazines here.